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Sabrina Secrets of a teenage witch

  1. SPELLA!

    Sabrina Secrets of a teenage witch

    Enchantra’s sister Spella - a free-spirited wanderer - arrives, and Sabrina and her friends love her (even participating in a scavenger hunt for some specific WitchWorld itemsSpella asks for) until Spella reveals that she’s actually there to take over Witch World. She banishes Enchantra (and the young one destined to be as powerful as she: Sabrina) to Human World, then seals off the portal. Which means that Enchantra has to try to fit in with the N’itches (but she makes a pretty poor waitress).  

  2. The First Date Dilemma

    Hank Zipzer

    Meet The World’s Greatest Underachiever in this funny and fast-moving series that follows the life of 12-year-old Henry ‘Hank’ Zipzer, whose glass is half full - he just spills it everywhere…  

  3. Ice, Ice, Binny

    Binny and the ghost

    Binny receives a video call from Hubertus. He tells Binny and Melchior that Luca is with him and that he´ll free Luca in exchange for the two watches.