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Liv and Maddie

  1. liv-and-maddie


    Liv and Maddie

    Casting is under way for Liv’s co-star in Voltage. Some familiar faces show up for the auditions. Karen arranges a ceremony to help Maddie let go of some pent up feelings.(S3 Ep5)  

  2. liv-and-maddie


    Liv and Maddie

    Continuing from the cliffhanger at the end of season two, it´s time to find out if Maddie managed to catch Diggie before he left for Australia. (S3 Ep1)  

  3. austin-and-ally

    Beauties & Bullies

    Austin & Ally

    Austin and Ally help Trish when she is bullied after getting the lead role in Sleeping Beauty, and persuade her to return to school.(S3 Ep19)  

  4. Descendants Wicked World

    Descendants Wicked World

    These animated shorts, containing four great new songs, pick up from the final scene of film Disney’s Descendants, in which the offspring of Disney heroes and villains meet up at prep school.  

  5. austin-and-ally

    Videos & Villains

    Austin & Ally

    Video Countdown Live features Austin’s top ten videos and culminates in a live performance from him. But first the gang must rescue Austin from Brooke, who is holding him captive! (S3 Ep20)  

  6. Shanila Surprise


    The adventures of Iris, a teenage girl who must divide her time between gigs with her rock band and life as a princess from a faraway kingdom

  7. The Doctor Is In

    I Didn´t Do It

    Lindy becomes smitten with young vet Dr. Gabriel and gets upset when Logan starts hanging out with him. Bradley Steven Perry (Mighty Med, Good Luck Charlie) guest stars. (S2 Ep17)

  8. Cheer Up Girls

    I Didn´t Do It

    When Lindy, Jasmine and Delia learn their school refuses to have cheerleaders for the girls´ sports teams, they take a stand and form a cheerleading squad of their own. (S2 Ep12)  

  9. A Time to Travel

    Best Friends Whenever

    With their new time travelling powers, teen best friends Shelby and Cyd try to fix the mishaps that spoiled Shelby´s plans to ask her crush Cameron to the school dance. (S1 Ep1)

  10. A Time to Cheat

    Best Friends Whenever

    When Cyd and Shelby have trouble studying for a difficult history test, they decide to jump ahead in time and get the test questions. (S1 Ep2)

  11. Girl Meets World

    Girl Meets World

    Girl Meets World

    When Maya leads a rebellion in class, her best friend Riley joins in to try to be like her - much to the dismay of dad Cory, who’s their history teacher! (S1 Ep1)  

  12. Girl Meets World

    Girl Meets Boy

    Girl Meets World

    To get his students to communicate in person rather than texting, Cory sets an assignment that shows how to communicate face to face, sparking a connection between Riley and Lucas.(S1 Ep2)    

  13. I Love Violetta

    I Love Violetta

    Three Violetta superfans look back over last week’s episodes of Violetta and give a sneak peak of what is coming up. With guests, music, dance moves and fashion tips I ♥ Violetta will always keep you up to date.

  14. Lion King, The

    A stunning mixture of superb animation, sensational music and a story that runs the gauntlet from fun and frolics to tears and terror - that´s The Lion King, a film to captivate the whole family. This stunning story of a young lion´s attempts to grow up and be a worthy successor to his father, the King of the Jungle, was an enormous box-office hit and won many awards. Now you can see it on the small screen, and marvel at the talents that made it possible - including a positive galaxy of vocal stars, and the musical genius of Tim Rice and Elton John. A must-see movie. (1994) Stars (voices): Rowan Atkinson, Matthew Broderick, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Cheech Marin, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Directors: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff. 88 mins.

  15. gravity falls


    Gravity Falls

    Lil’ Gideon is defeated by Grunkle Stan. He uses a mind demon to lure Dipper, Mabel and Soos into Stan’s mind so he can gain the knowledge to take control of the Mystery Shack.(S1 Ep19)  

  16. dog-with-a-blog

    Stan Runs Away

    Dog With A Blog

    Stan argues with Avery and runs off into the woods. He meets loner Bill, and wonders if he should become Bill’s dog. But then Avery and the others turn up: what will he do?  

  17. Outcasts

    Mako Mermaids

    Three young mermaids are supposed to keep humans off their island, so when a land boy falls into the Moon Pool and becomes a merman they are banished – and cannot return until they make him human again. (S1 Ep1)

  18. good-luck-charlie

    All Fall Down - Part Two

    Good Luck Charlie

    Spencer and Teddy break up. Bob’s rare termites undermine the house, which starts to fall down as Amy is filming her TV show. The family ends up living in a hotel.  

  19. good-luck-charlie

    Duncan Dream House

    Good Luck Charlie

    The Duncans meet The Muppets, who arrive with a brand new song to encourage them to renovate their house after the termite disaster that wrecked it.(S4 Ep1)  

  20. Party Girls

    H2O: Just Add Water

    Determined to live a normal life, Cleo encourages Emma to have her annual sleepover. Cleo gets splashed, causing her to have to hide her tail in a sleeping bag. Cleo meets a mysterious old woman who seems to know their secret.  

  21. Crash And Cash

    Binny and the ghost

    Binny and Melchior do not believe that Mark´s scooter is totaled and head over to the body shop where they make an interesting discovery..


    Sabrina Secrets of a teenage witch

    Harvey finds a jacket in Hilda and Zelda’s shop and (not realizing that it’s cursed, and has yet to be “de-magicked” in the aunt’s machine) puts it on. He is turned into a werewolf, and goes on a rampage, causing destruction on the street of Greendale and at the school dance. Sabrina saves the day, but realizes that - from here on out - she is going to have to watch over Harvey during every full moon.  


    Sabrina Secrets of a teenage witch

    Sabrina tells Enchantra that the reason she has been distracted at Witch School is because of a boy (Sabrina has had Jim on her mind) but Enchantra assumes that Sabrina is interested in Shinji. Enchantra insists that Sabrina and Shinji have dinner together - on the same night that Sabrina was supposed to go to a party with Jim.  

  24. The War of the Words

    Hank Zipzer

    Meet The World’s Greatest Underachiever in this funny and fast-moving series that follows the life of 12-year-old Henry ‘Hank’ Zipzer, whose glass is half full - he just spills it everywhere…  

  25. Crash And Cash

    Binny and the ghost

    Binny and Melchior do not believe that Mark´s scooter is totaled and head over to the body shop where they make an interesting discovery..