Mickey Mouse

The loveable Mickey mouse has gone from comic strip character to one of the most recognisable characters in the world since he was introduced to us back in 1928. Since then, Mickey Mouse has become one of the globe’s favourite cartoon characters and continues to bring smiles to our faces.

Mickey is a cheeky mouse and he gets into a fair amount of trouble, which somehow he always manages to get himself out of. His smile is always as large as his ears and he loves nothing more than hanging out and going on another adventure with his trusty friends.

His closest friend is Minnie Mouse, who is Mickey’s long-term sweetheart. The two make a perfect couple and they get up to plenty of mischief together. Mickey’s pet dog Pluto is never far away either and Pluto is always getting Mickey Mouse to play fetch with him.

The happy-go-lucky mouse can turn his hand to anything and always does it with a smile on his face. Plenty of adventures lie ahead for the loveable Mickey mouse and more than 80 years on, Mickey Mouse remains as popular and widely liked as he was when we first set eyes on him.